AGIO is the project of Andrea Gabriele and Marco Mazzei, two musicians from Pescara, Italy.

They keep workshops and lectures in art and music schools, make installations on the interaction between visuals and sounds. They are used to play festivals like Dissonanze, Electric Elephant and Netmage but feel confortable in auditoriums and more academic spaces too. Andrea is also a member of Clap Rules and Marco is the voice you heard in their full lenght “Golden Hands”.

Over the years Andrea and Marco have been making music and experimenting toghether with some of the most influential italian contemporary artists.

Billy Bogus

Founder of Pizzico Records (ambient & fool disco oriented trademark), Billy decided to buy a couple of Technics 1200 in 1994 thanks to the mid-nineties electronic music explosion. Heavily conditioned by 90’s ambient and dance style, acid jazz, old and dusty disco vibes, movie soundtracks and 8’s new wave, his mixture secretly suggests to go through musical genres and seems to be plunged into underground music subpoenas. Obsessed by weird cinema Billy still try to make his own battle against conformism (which still looks well dressed and well thinking) through his music, just looking like a fighting squatter trapped in a sci-fi cult movie: his synthesizers are laser guns, his jeans jacket is ripped off cause of the star battle, his bandana is totally wet, at the end of the movie Billy will discover that the real enemy dwells in his soul. End credits.

We can quite surely say that Billy’s music sounds postmodern but we hope it will never become subcultural.

Club Silencio

CLUB SILENCIO was born in 2001 as an artistic collective from multifaceted nature that mixes music and creative expressions linked to the image with the intention of spreading a conception of club not club for the promotion of cultural events. The project it feeds on hours and hours of musical night time and strange Lynch’s visions, it expressed a strong desire to share passions, where electronic music is the footprint and mixshow from multiple sounds are the expression. From more than a few years their name stands out in the circuit of alternative Milano’s clubbing thanks to Seby and Skip talent, DJs who put hands and heart on dishes and mixer since adolescence, developing a surprising taste and a technical know-how like real professionals. In 2006, joined the crew of Discolimone along with DjPersignora: the unforgettable party, with base at Milan’s Sottomarino Giallo, became the first keeper of the scepter of underground scene since breathing international, quoted also by Tim Sweeney on his list of “best gigs of the year” in 2008. Put together by a passion for deep-house which led them to create their fellowship, they soon become a winning couple; two pieces of the same puzzle wedged perfectly capable of uniting electronic sophistications of head and groove of belly, atmospheres learned emotional and visceral rhythmicals, drawing from the warm sonority of soul, disco and funk, getting through psychedelic rock, hip-hop and electronic mold contamination of new wave, until arriving to the dawn of techno. Productions arrived soon: in 2008 the first release on Red Music of Ilija Rudman, “Welcome To The Silence”; in 2009 the first EP on THISISNOTANEXIT, this will start to a official entry in TINAE’s stable that leads them to some happy collaborations and remixes for artists of the English label.Always in the same year comes out the 10″ “The Guitar Man” with the Barking Dogs, some releases on Disco Volante and Dischi Bellini and “Painted Boxes” on Mad On The Moon.

Their latest productions are directed at the new side project Robotalco, exclusively dedicated to the roots of house music, with a imminent release on Home Taping Is Killing Music and also forthcoming material on GodWRK by Mr. Chinn and on Hole In The Sky of Canyons

Their way of making music has the sound of a promise on Italian dance scene.

Lula Circus

Lula Circus is a “house oriented” electronic music project born in October 2008 from two Italian producers.

The anonymous nature of its concept wants to put the focus entirely on the sound by keeping the real identity of the two producers a secret. A bet, a game, just like in a Lynch circus where captivating music drags into far-away trips.


Mouth is the name behind Luca Fontaneto, founder of the digital label Safe Sexx Music. After a more than rewarding experience with the world touring garage rock band Hot Gossip he took a one year hiatus, left Milan and went to bath in the Arabic Sea and to feed his soul in India, where he found his soul mate indian artist and designer Perpetual Dicky.
During this year he composed almost 27 songs with a crappy laptop, a broken pair of headphones and no alcohol or drugs. He got married and lives happily producing his sexy blend of pop, psichedelia and house in his basement studio.

His new ep is out Sept 4th, once again on Mad On The Moon and it’s called “Walser Tanz”, from the name of the ever roaming people of german descent.
He doesn’t like to be lazy, that’s why he just finished a new rmx for massive radio hit “Alì” by famous pop band Amor Fou on Universal/Sangue Disken and another one for underground emerging enfunk prodige Spin Off, on his own label Safe Sexx Music.
In addition to that he’s working on a new CD which is said to be a great departure from the solo dimension he always worked as.

October should be the right month to start to see him live around Italy and Europe.


The Barking Dogs

Party animals, DJ’s, producers, owners of one of the best record shops in Milano. The Barking Dogs is a musical project started in 2006 by Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti. The Barking Dogs have developed, throughout the years working as dj’s, their own taste and style and with their dj-sets they spread the same energy and passion they put in their musical research. During the season 2009/2010 they have been resident dj’s at the famous Plastic club in Milan – a legendary venue that gives the duo the possibility to continuosly improve on their “four hands on a mixer” skills. Their style has its roots in original disco and old-school house music, deeply influenced from different cultural contaminations coming from both past sounds and new stuff. Rock and Tech crossed with groovy and soulful beats, riding the awesome vibes that only a vinyl groove under a needle can give. Their first release is a 10″ limited edition white label “Re-incantation”, a Balearic trip with a warm beat, quickly sold-out in Italy and Europe. Following it up are the successful hit “The guitar man” with a dirtier old-school sound and their third release, “Hi-nrg”. In 2009 comes the fourth release “It’s What” signed here on Mad On The Moon records and remixed by Phillip Lauer on the B-side. 2010 is for the duo a prolific year of collaborations: with Hard Ton on Gomma Records and with singer and sax-player Jessie Evans for the “Versus” project, their second release on Mad On The Moon. As managers and resident djs of the Discosafari Nights, The Barking Dogs promote the Italian and international disco-house movement, collaborating with the most significant names of the underground field and always with support from djs like Severino (Horse Meat Disco) , Prins Thomas, James Murphy, Ellen Allien and Todd Terje.

The Heels Of Love

The Heels of Love is a Milan based duo born from the joint between Michele Tessadri and Luca Saponaro “two disco reprimands with an unhealthy penchant for slap bass, synths and vintage drum machines”. Their first release was a remix for Mad On The Moon of Club Silencio’s Painted Boxes. It gave the original a shake, set it on the dancefloor where it belonged, made Tim Sweeney’s Best of 2009, and earnt them a reputation for producing bangers. This they quickly affirmed with their first single, the Tom Sinder EP, released on David Griffiths’ (the man behind Jisco Music) new label, Under The Shade. Following it up are their fantastic remix of Ajello’s Come Back released on Mad On The Moon (Ajello also remixed their last single Quiet Please, which became MOM’s fourth 12″) and their second 12″ on Under The Shade “Crazy” featuring Hard Ton. With this one they join the list of current artists willing to put pen to paper and actually write a proper song. They haven’t forgotten their remix roots, with their take on Motorcycle Boy’s 12″ on Slow Motion Records, an acid take on the 70’s classic from Space “Deliverance” for NANG Records AND after all that they’ve still found time to work on a side project, RAMPI, and to release an incredible house/disco album for NANG.

The Love Supreme

The Love Supreme

The Love Supreme are Sapo, Nic Sarno, Roberto Di Movi and Bruno Bolla. The project started in 2005 remixing two tracks for the compilation ‘Blacktronica’, which included names such as Pressure Drop, Quantic, Ashley Beedle, Jill Scott and Matthew Herbert.

Their first release on Tirk at the end of 2006 was heard on underground dancefloors everywhere following its release, with the icy robo-disco of “Rocquet” and the psychedelic rollercoaster funk of “Pork Chop Express” on the B side. The 12″ won them a wide range of fans – from cult “cosmic” DJ Daniele Baldelli to big hitters Groove Armada and everyone in between. The follow up “Elsewhere” showed again their abilitly to combine influences from Moroder style disco to Techno and Psychedelia. Their first album “New Millenium Freaks”, released in March 2010 is their first long-playing effort. The two singles from the album have been remixed by disco-hero Social Disco Club and by synth-wizards Chicken Lips.

The Love Supreme blend hypnotic, kraut-rock inspired arrangements with a techno-influenced aesthetic. Their Live/DJ Set are a wild mix of all their musical backgrounds and influences: classic italo-disco, psychedelia, krautrock, early electronica, Detroit-techno and house, toghether with live analog synths and fxs to create a unique mind expanding experience.