Sonar 2011

From June 16 we’ll be again in Barcelona for a long week of great music, wild parties and sunny seaside beers. If you want to follow our wanderings check our twitter. Saturday night our beloved The Barking Dogs will be playing along Pete Herbert at Cabaret Berlin. See you there.


There are millions of producers out there, clinging to their laptops layering library samples and cutting up a low bitrate mp3 of  a 70’s bad song downloaded from a cheap blog to turn it into the next big edit between a skype chat and a facebook post.

We don’t care about them. We look for that one in a million who has a real love for the instruments, the one who has the techniques, the one who learns the rules before trying to break them, the one who deeply knows his background before going for the innovation.

Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes not.

Today we were…

The Love Supreme on The White Light Mix

The White Light mixes are, ultimately, about two things: music and space. Music first and foremost, as this series is a showcase of great songs, not tracks – songs and mixes you want to listen over and over again, songs that have depth and staying power, and most importantly songs that mean something to each other.

Secondly, White Light is about space – giving the music room to breathe – not a post-a.d.d. mix of everything trendy that can fit onto a mixtape, but one that’s paced to give each tune its shine, where the music is the focus and the mixing is an effortless complement. Over time I’m sure the criteria will change here and there, but White Light will always be about night driving, introspection and taking the time to listen from start to finish – remember to always look into the light . . .

(from The White Light)

Listen and download the two parts mix here.


We have been busy working at our next releases lately, that means: the new Barking Dogs 12″ with remixes by Altz and Rune Lindbaek + Mental Overdrive, The Holiday In Arabia Remixes release featuring Simone Fedi and Crimea X, an EP of new artists on the label with an Ilya Santana remix, the new single from Marbeya Sound (they’ll be playing a live show opening for Lindstrom, Nov 12 in San Francisco, check it here) with remixes by Nozaki and The Beat Broker (he too will be playing SF alongside Tensnake Nov 14, check it here),

News from the house

Some news for you: we’re just out of the mastering studio, so in a month we should see in the shops our next release, MOM004 “Quiet Please” by The Heels Of Love, a deep, electronic track with two great remixes from Ajello & Fabrizio Mammarella. Then we will release a digital EP from a great New Wave/Post Punk band called Holiday In Arabia. Next will be Ajello’s turn with two tracks which will be remixed by Altair Nouveau, a very talented producer heard recently on DFA and Solar Disco & by The Heels Of Love. Last but not least we have a great balearic sounding EP by Marbeya Sound, a new band (but already with a release on Eskimo) from San Francisco, their two tracks will be remixed by The Love Supreme and by Fratelli Riviera.

Stay tuned.