The Bank – Radio Cash/The Money

The Bank - Radio Cash / The Money

The Bank are Francesco Brini, Domenico Loparco and Emanuele Zullo, three talented musicians and experienced producers in love with funk & afro. They have an impressive background, both as producers, with releases for Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal and Solardisco and also as session musicians (Brini was the drummer for electronic pioneers Swayzak). Lats year they released an outstanding album on Bear Funk.

Radio Cash and The Money: Funky beats for voodoo dancefloors and dubby rhythms for hypnotic afternoons. Remixed with real synths by Brioski and Le Macchine.

Mouth – Walser Tanz

Mouth - Walser Tanz

“Io cercavo questo nella mia musica. Un ammorbidimento dei suoni e una rispettiva diminuzione degli orpelli tecnologici e delle inutili sovvrapproduzioni tipiche di oggi.” – Mouth


Agio - Agio EP

AGIO is the project of Andrea Gabriele and Marco Mazzei, two musicians from Pescara, Italy.

They keep workshops and lectures in art and music schools, make installations on the interaction between visuals and sounds. They are used to play festivals like Dissonanze, Electric Elephant and Netmage but feel confortable in auditoriums and more academic spaces too. Andrea is also a member of Clap Rules and Marco is the voice you heard in their full lenght “Golden Hands”.

Over the years Andrea and Marco have been making music and experimenting toghether with some of the most influential italian contemporary artists. We are honoured to introduce you to their fine work.

Holiday In Arabia – Remixes

Holiday In Arabia - Remixes

We released Holiday In Arabia first EP one year ago. Since then most of our artists and friends have worked their own private versions off the originals for their club sets.

Here we release four of the best we have so far. Crimea X with their cosmic wanderings, Simone Fedi heading into Techno, The Heels Of Love in Deep House attitude and Billy Bogus’ druggie House.

Mouth – Schloggers EP

Schloggers EP

Mouth is Luca Fontaneto. After a more than rewarding experience with the world touring garage rock band Hot Gossip he took a one year hiatus, left Italy and went to bath in the arabic sea and to feed his soul in India, where he found his soul mate indian artist and designer Perpetual Dicky.

During this year he composed these five tracks with a crappy laptop, a broken pair of headphones and no alcohol and drugs.

Eventually he got married and lives happily and produces his sexy blend of pop, psichedelia and house in his basement studio.

Billy Bogus – Disco Lambro ’76

Disco Lambro 76

Another great Italian producer is with us for this release. Billy Bogus, the boss from Pizzico Records with his “Disco Lambro ’76” a massive spoken word house piece. The long vocal sample about free festivals, hard drugs and 70’s counterculture gets chopped, sliced and layered upon a big funk house beat. Then Johnny Paguro takes the piece into 80’s House zone, while The Love Supreme pitch the track down to 110bpm and explore a more kraut-balearic side of the cut. On The B side we get atmospheric with “Older”. Sax stabs, echoed percussions and a moody vocal sample are underlined by a driving slow dancefloor beat. The Kael Misko rework keeps the mood and turns the track into a club killer.

VVAA – Life On The Moon Vol.1

Life On The Moon Vol.1

There’s life on the moon… Three new artists on the label, a little taster of their producing skills.

Lord Of The Isles with ‘Laser Dream Sequence’, a nine minute long voyage into the deepness of cosmic space. ‘Problems’ by MSB in the Ilya Santana remix version grabs the psychedelic guitars of the original, adds deep synth pads and a steady beat and turns it into a club hit. ‘Il Treno Dei Dannati’, a classic Italo track with a live feel from Disco Volante Records’ Label Manager, Cloned In Vatican.

Exclusive release on Junodownload >December 6th

Club Silencio – Painted Boxes

For our second release we have set up an all Italian team of disco stars: Club Silencio are the founders of the now infamous Discolimone night at Sottomarino Giallo (recently praised by Tim Sweeney as “Best Gig of the year 2008″). Their debut on 12″ appeared at the end of 2008 with “Welcome To The Silence” on Ilija Rudman’s Red Music. The following “The Guitar Man” saw them teaming up with the Barking Dogs and was playlisted by all the big names of the scene. Nothing to say more!

Here on MOM002 they deliver a slo-mo deep groove in pure cosmic style coupled with a disco bass which is guaranteed to shake any dancefloor. Sampling work at its best.

For the first remix The Heels Of Love take on from their analog arsenal and work an all acid bassline to top the disco beat.

The final rework is done by Josè Manuel, an habitué of the nu-disco scene (with releases on Eskimo and Kill The DJ and his own imprint Black Pepper). He dwelves in the unexplored territories of experimentalism and here you have it: Italo-glitcy!!.

In the shops now.