Brioski – Mindless Sequence EP

Brioski is back on Mad On The Moon with a new EP. The Mindless Sequence is a selection of the industrial post-techno style he is currently pioneering. Warm, trippy, synth heavy tracks with a straight beat framed by sentence fragments.
The sound signature is there, analog evolving basslines, icy pad stabs and unrelenting beats and the song structure reflects his constant evolution.

Written and produced by Claudio Brioschi
Mixed at Prisma Sonoro Studio Milan
Mastered at Analogcut Mastering Berlin

Release date 20/09/2019

Tamburi Neri – Dolce Veleno

“Tamburi Neri”. When I first heard the name, I had the vision of a voodoo rite held in a clearing in the jungle.
Moisty hands bangings on animal skin and a gathering of shamans dancing to a trance inducing beat. Then I listened to their music, and it fulfills every promise. The voodoo vision is there, but framed in a modern context of electronic production by the classy style of Claudio Brioschi also know as Brioski and brought to life by a wild counterpoint of vocal sketches and performances that ranges from vaudeville to intimate and broody moods.
Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri are Tamburi Neri, both have a long history of music in the making, go check. Dolce veleno EP is i’s their second release and it’s their first on MOM, won’t be the last.

Written and produced by Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri
Mixed at Prisma Sonoro Studio Milan
Mastered at Analogcut Mastering Berlin

Release 20/05/2019

The Bank – Radio Cash/The Money

The Bank - Radio Cash / The Money

The Bank are Francesco Brini, Domenico Loparco and Emanuele Zullo, three talented musicians and experienced producers in love with funk & afro. They have an impressive background, both as producers, with releases for Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal and Solardisco and also as session musicians (Brini was the drummer for electronic pioneers Swayzak). Lats year they released an outstanding album on Bear Funk.

Radio Cash and The Money: Funky beats for voodoo dancefloors and dubby rhythms for hypnotic afternoons. Remixed with real synths by Brioski and Le Macchine.