Marbeya Sound – Blind Cause / Gansta Reedflex

Made by a pair of sonic junkies infatuated with space and water. Give them a broom and they’ll make you a rocket. In this case we gave them a synth and they created high tides. Being raised in Mexico city gave them all they needed to know about musical travel. Put the listener in a time and place.

Abe and Alan arrive at Mad On the Moon after two brilliant releases on Eskimo and Tirk, and for us they produced Blind Cause and Gansta Reedflex, two balearic tracks Inspired by latin seashell percussion, goat string flamenco and meteor grooves, there is no way in hell they wont make you take off.

The remixes are by The Love Supreme, who deliver a psyched acid version of the A side and Mushrooms Project, their remix of Gansta Reedflex is deep, dilated and slow, mushrooms style.

The 12″ will be out in July.