Mouth is the name behind Luca Fontaneto, founder of the digital label Safe Sexx Music. After a more than rewarding experience with the world touring garage rock band Hot Gossip he took a one year hiatus, left Milan and went to bath in the Arabic Sea and to feed his soul in India, where he found his soul mate indian artist and designer Perpetual Dicky.
During this year he composed almost 27 songs with a crappy laptop, a broken pair of headphones and no alcohol or drugs. He got married and lives happily producing his sexy blend of pop, psichedelia and house in his basement studio.

His new ep is out Sept 4th, once again on Mad On The Moon and it’s called “Walser Tanz”, from the name of the ever roaming people of german descent.
He doesn’t like to be lazy, that’s why he just finished a new rmx for massive radio hit “Alì” by famous pop band Amor Fou on Universal/Sangue Disken and another one for underground emerging enfunk prodige Spin Off, on his own label Safe Sexx Music.
In addition to that he’s working on a new CD which is said to be a great departure from the solo dimension he always worked as.

October should be the right month to start to see him live around Italy and Europe.