Brioski – Mindless Sequence EP

Brioski is back on Mad On The Moon with a new EP. The Mindless Sequence is a selection of the industrial post-techno style he is currently pioneering. Warm, trippy, synth heavy tracks with a straight beat framed by sentence fragments.
The sound signature is there, analog evolving basslines, icy pad stabs and unrelenting beats and the song structure reflects his constant evolution.

Written and produced by Claudio Brioschi
Mixed at Prisma Sonoro Studio Milan
Mastered at Analogcut Mastering Berlin

Release date 20/09/2019

Tamburi Neri – Dolce Veleno

“Tamburi Neri”. When I first heard the name, I had the vision of a voodoo rite held in a clearing in the jungle.
Moisty hands bangings on animal skin and a gathering of shamans dancing to a trance inducing beat. Then I listened to their music, and it fulfills every promise. The voodoo vision is there, but framed in a modern context of electronic production by the classy style of Claudio Brioschi also know as Brioski and brought to life by a wild counterpoint of vocal sketches and performances that ranges from vaudeville to intimate and broody moods.
Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri are Tamburi Neri, both have a long history of music in the making, go check. Dolce veleno EP is i’s their second release and it’s their first on MOM, won’t be the last.

Written and produced by Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri
Mixed at Prisma Sonoro Studio Milan
Mastered at Analogcut Mastering Berlin

Release 20/05/2019

Lula Circus – Fake Blood True Wound

Lula Circus - Fake Blood True Wound

In just two years Lula Circus have released tracks on Resopal, Ostwind, Acker, Broquade. They have also played festivals and cult venues like Maria Am Ostbahnhof and Fabric. But above all they have a Lynch reference in their name so we immediatly asked them to join us.

The original comes with three reworked versions. A disco-dub cut by Italo-Berlinese duo Discodromo, a deep-house version with a classic feel by The Heels Of Love and an old school dancefloor bomb by In Flagranti.

The Barking Dogs – Let Me On / Scientist Of Love

The Barking Dogs - Scientist Of Love

Who are The Barking Dogs? One year ago we released their debut 12″, since then they have continued to grow as both producers and label owners, with recent releases on Gomma and Rush Hour and their imprint of edits releasing incredible tracks. They are also pushing House Music like no one else, throwing parties and managing the best music shop you can find around here.

For this project they rework two tracks by Jessie Evans, adding their producing skills to her post-punk sax and vocals lines and giving us two old school burning, sweaty killers. The pack is complete with remixes from a couple of hot names on the scene. Altz with his enormous, MAD remix (something really unique, we where stunned when we first listened to this one) and the deep acid version from Rune Lindbaek & Mental Overdrive.

Marbeya Sound – Blind Cause / Gansta Reedflex

Marbeya Sound - Blind cause

Made by a pair of sonic junkies infatuated with space and water. Give them a broom and they’ll make you a rocket. In this case we gave them a synth and they created high tides. Being raised in Mexico city gave them all they needed to know about musical travel. Put the listener in a time and place.

Abe and Alan arrive at Mad On the Moon after two brilliant releases on Eskimo and Tirk, and for us they produced Blind Cause and Gansta Reedflex, two balearic tracks Inspired by latin seashell percussion, goat string flamenco and meteor grooves, there is no way in hell they wont make you take off.

The remixes are by The Love Supreme, who deliver a psyched acid version of the A side and Mushrooms Project, their remix of Gansta Reedflex is deep, dilated and slow, mushrooms style.

The 12″ will be out in July.

Ajello – 2000 Lightyears From Home / Come Back

Ajello - 2000 Lightyears From Home

Multiplicity is the password in the Ajello project.

Sounds ingredients are a concentrated of the different experiences from the two members Luca “DJ Rocca” Roccatagliati and Fabrizio “Taver” Tavernelli: Electro, New-Wave, Italo-Disco, Chicago House, Disco, Neurofunk, Eurodance, Space Sounds.

“2000 Lightyears From Home” is a slow track, but the boys conjure up thick beats reminiscent of early electro and an acid bassline that flows down smoothly. The Remix is by Altair Nouveau, who we recently heard with a great work on DFA/Solardisco. He delivers a Moroder influenced dancefloor oriented version. On the B side is “Come Back”, a direct track with a sure effect on the dancefloor, house beat and a super groovy bassline. The Heels Of Love remix goes into old school, with sampled and stretched vocals and a crunchy dirty beat coming directly from 80’s drumachines.

The 12″ vinyl will be out 20th April

The Heels Of Love – Quiet Please

The Heels Of Love, the new Milan based duo born from the joint between “two disco reprimands with an unhealthy penchant for slap bass, synths and vintage drum machines” has made a lot of noise lately with just a couple of works. After debuting here on MOM with a huge remix that made its way up to Beats In Space and TSUGI’s 2009 “Best Of” compilation mixed by Cosmo Vitelli they have had the first official release on David Griffiths’ (the man behind Jisco Music) new label, “Under The Shade”. This one has sent them right into the chart of almost every known DJ of the scene.

“Quiet Please” is a slow, but groovy, rhythmic, guitar driven piece of psychedelic disco reminescent of early House tracks.

The original unleashes two hugely dynamic and killer remixes. On the B side the Ajello guys keep the guitar line and build a totally original Piano House version while Fabrizio Mammarella works on the arrangement and develop the original in a disco dub style.

In the shops from 09/12/2009

The Barking Dogs – It’s What

The Barking Dogs - It's What

The Barking Dogs are some of the most skilled House producers from Italy. They are carefully building their sound on their own label, and their edits have been played by everyone, from Ellen Alien to James Murphy. For this release they team up with the mighty Phillip Lauer, one half of Arto Mwambè, to deliver two deep gems that walk on the line between avantgarde and old school. With the oniric vocals, balearic arps and  grooving bassline these two are the perfect soundtrack to late night after party madness…

Released on a limited edition vinyl and as digital download…

…from 09/09/09

The Love Supreme – Tangram

The Love Supreme - Tangram

Mad On The Moon debut release is a classic masterpiece of cosmische Music which has been reworked for late night club action by two italian stars of the nu-disco scene (we leave the track spotting to all the collectors and kraut-geeks): The Love Supreme, their version is direct to the dancefloor, but with a slow paced electro rythm and a classic smooth feeling… when the Moog solo kicks in you will be sent to space with them… Simone Fedi, the man who lately sold out on DC Recordings, Eskimo, and Smash Hit Music has worked a space funk track loaded with analog synth sequencing coupled with its classic live feeling in percussions and drums.

You can find it in the digital stores and in a limited 12″ vinyl edition from today.