News from the house

Some news for you: we’re just out of the mastering studio, so in a month we should see in the shops our next release, MOM004 “Quiet Please” by The Heels Of Love, a deep, electronic track with two great remixes from Ajello & Fabrizio Mammarella. Then we will release a digital EP from a great New Wave/Post Punk band called Holiday In Arabia. Next will be Ajello’s turn with two tracks which will be remixed by Altair Nouveau, a very talented producer heard recently on DFA and Solar Disco & by The Heels Of Love. Last but not least we have a great balearic sounding EP by Marbeya Sound, a new band (but already with a release on Eskimo) from San Francisco, their two tracks will be remixed by The Love Supreme and by Fratelli Riviera.

Stay tuned.