The Heels Of Love

The Heels of Love is a Milan based duo born from the joint between Michele Tessadri and Luca Saponaro “two disco reprimands with an unhealthy penchant for slap bass, synths and vintage drum machines”. Their first release was a remix for Mad On The Moon of Club Silencio’s Painted Boxes. It gave the original a shake, set it on the dancefloor where it belonged, made Tim Sweeney’s Best of 2009, and earnt them a reputation for producing bangers. This they quickly affirmed with their first single, the Tom Sinder EP, released on David Griffiths’ (the man behind Jisco Music) new label, Under The Shade. Following it up are their fantastic remix of Ajello’s Come Back released on Mad On The Moon (Ajello also remixed their last single Quiet Please, which became MOM’s fourth 12″) and their second 12″ on Under The Shade “Crazy” featuring Hard Ton. With this one they join the list of current artists willing to put pen to paper and actually write a proper song. They haven’t forgotten their remix roots, with their take on Motorcycle Boy’s 12″ on Slow Motion Records, an acid take on the 70’s classic from Space “Deliverance” for NANG Records AND after all that they’ve still found time to work on a side project, RAMPI, and to release an incredible house/disco album for NANG.