The Love Supreme

The Love Supreme are Sapo, Nic Sarno, Roberto Di Movi and Bruno Bolla. The project started in 2005 remixing two tracks for the compilation ‘Blacktronica’, which included names such as Pressure Drop, Quantic, Ashley Beedle, Jill Scott and Matthew Herbert.

Their first release on Tirk at the end of 2006 was heard on underground dancefloors everywhere following its release, with the icy robo-disco of “Rocquet” and the psychedelic rollercoaster funk of “Pork Chop Express” on the B side. The 12″ won them a wide range of fans – from cult “cosmic” DJ Daniele Baldelli to big hitters Groove Armada and everyone in between. The follow up “Elsewhere” showed again their abilitly to combine influences from Moroder style disco to Techno and Psychedelia. Their first album “New Millenium Freaks”, released in March 2010 is their first long-playing effort. The two singles from the album have been remixed by disco-hero Social Disco Club and by synth-wizards Chicken Lips.

The Love Supreme blend hypnotic, kraut-rock inspired arrangements with a techno-influenced aesthetic. Their Live/DJ Set are a wild mix of all their musical backgrounds and influences: classic italo-disco, psychedelia, krautrock, early electronica, Detroit-techno and house, toghether with live analog synths and fxs to create a unique mind expanding experience.